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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making a Way out of No Way - a Womanist Theology"

Today, which happens to be Thursday, June 11, my good friend Monica A. Coleman is going to be at Charis Books & More at 7:30pm delivering a discussion about her new book, "Making a Way out of No Way - a Womanist Theology." I have not read the book yet-I will after I finish my current-but I will go ahead and advise you to attend if you are in the area. I promise you will not be disappointed!!

There is something you should know about Monica Coleman - she is smart. As in WOW! smart. As in, when she graduated from Harvard she was named one of the twenty-five “intellectual elite” of her graduating class. And yet, I know firsthand from talking with her that the words she uses are easily understood. Coleman is not someone who wants to sit aloft on her intellectual pedestal, but instead wants to spread her message to all.

Karen Baker-Fletcher, Ph.D. Professor of Systematic Theology at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, says this about Coleman's book: “Monica Coleman’s elegant prose makes Making a Way out of No Way a clear and accessible introduction to postmodern womanist theology. This book is a wonderful synthesis of the best of the past with attention to the foibles of our twenty-first-century present and realistic hope for creative future possibilities.”
(Did I mention that she's gorgeous too?!)

Coleman's newest book-she also wrote the book, "The Dinah Project," about how the church can help heal victims of sexual abuse-articulates the African American expression of "making a way out of no way" for today's context of globalization, religious pluralism, and sexual diversity. Drawing on womanist religious scholarship and process thought, Coleman describes the symbiotic relationship among God, the ancestors, and humanity that helps to change the world into the just society it ought to be. "Making a Way Out of No Way" shows us a way of living for justice with God and proposes a communal theology that presents a dynamic way forward for black churches, African traditional religions and grassroots organizations. And please come to the discussion, even if you are not Black or female, for womanist theology applies to everyone! We should all look into the ways that our society can be made into the "just society it ought to be."

*Much of the material for this post was gathered from her website, http://www.monicaacoleman.com Monica A. Coleman to learn more about her and her work. Or come tonight! (Or come visit Circle of Grace Community Church in Atlanta, of which she is a member!)


  1. Smart, gorgeous, personable, and spiritual...wow, Coleman is superwoman! I'd love to meet her, too!

  2. She certainly is!