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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Have You Seen Elizabeth Monika Hunter?!

Cross-posted at What About Our Daughters

*I saw this announcement from the blog, Acts of Faith in Love and Life and felt obliged to share it:

15 year-old Elizabeth Monika Hunter

has been staying with relatives in Capitol Heights, MD and is now missing as of midnight August 3rd. Her sister Renee Jennings sent a private email that’s been forwarded requesting help. Hopefully we can get this cross-posted at several blogs and across social media to send the word out.

Due to her age and their categorizing her as a runaway, the police said they cannot issue an Amber Alert and will only take information for a Missing Person’s report which takes 48-hours to kick in. Monika’s sister lives in NYC and isn’t able to monitor the situation locally and has asked for help from the blogosphere.

Prince George Country police department, Palmer Park Precinct will be handling this case. It’s been assigned to Det. Vessels 301-772-4492. Case#09-215-0405. The main number at the precinct is 301-772-4901. Let’s encourage the police to make haste with looking for Monika as the area is apparently unsafe and she is new to the area, has limited to no funds and no cell phone.

Reach Renee at: reneejennings@rmediagroup.com.

This could be your neighbor, sister, schoolmate whomever. Since only high-profile cases get immediate attention, let's make this one!


  1. Oh wow. That is SO close to where I live...I hope the girl is all right. It is a runaway, NOT a kidnap, right?

  2. I honestly don't know! All I know is from the post that I read and I basically copied and pasted. What gets me is that the police don't consider finding a runaway a top priority. The girl is fifteen! She's not even old enough to drive! It makes me sick, because even if the girl is killed or raped, the police are still going to say that it's all her fault-she was a bad girl. And that's bullshit. We don't know her living situation-all we know is that she is a child of God who is worthy of having the police making her a priority regardless of why she is missing.