I talk honestly and openly about my experiences with mental illness, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome through the lens of feminism, fat acceptance and process theology. I also do recipe and book reviews. My mission is to spread the message that hope is always real for a better life, despite living in a world that is often very harsh.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Insomnia-Induced Poetry Session

Last night I had an extreme bout of insomnia, which is quite common for me now, what with the frequent muscle and joint aches and pains. Since all I could think of was the pain, I chose to write it down, instead of letting myself drown in a midnight pity-party. And I am so glad I did, because it enabled me to produce some poetry that I believe I can be proud of. Tell me what you think!
Do not believe the lie


Do not believe the lie

For once
'Tis hard
To come
Back and

Do not let death be your living,
But live into death with Joy!
(painting by Monica Stewart)
I am in awe of people who write happy stories
Or of suburban dramas of petulant inner turmoil
Or of the gritty horrors that happen in the imagined mind.

I, myself, can only write my own truth to power-
Which is not happy or imagined, though it is
Oftentimes the petulant cry of the little lost child
Who demands to know why her "truth to power"
Does not include more moments of humdrum happiness.


  1. Hello!

    This is my first time to your site. I find it rather interesting. I LOVE poetry and I have a bachelor's in Lit. to prove it! LOL. I really liked your poetry. I post my own on my site. Maybe you can check it out sometimes.


  2. Hello and welcome! We seem very similar, as my first degree is in literature too! lol (with a music minor) You might want to check out my other blog, http://femination.blogspot.com which has some more of my overtly political poetry on it!

  3. Haha, perhaps you should have insomnia more often...though, I do wish you ended with a more positive note...perhaps it's not yet finished as you listen to more of God's insight as to why it's not such a happy humdrum life? ;-)

  4. That is a serious bit of cool poetry :)

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