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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Angela-A Poem about Cocaine Addiction

Dear Angela,

It is with love
That I hold my heart
From you.

And it is most certainly
With pain each day that I keep
My heart hidden from view.

But I must.

For you are not acting
In love
In kindness
Anything even resembling
Your own true self.

I cannot let cocaine steal
My heart, my friends, my life.

I cannot let it destroy me
Like it has destroyed you!

And so I wait.

I wait for the day
When you return to me
Drug and drunk FREE.


I wait for the day
I discover that you opted
Instead to come home to heaven.

Either way,
I am heartbroken
And sad

That you do not consider
My love and friendship-
And that of your two
Beautiful boys-

To be enough to keep you away
From the tortuous trip down cocaine lane.
This month is National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery month. If you click on the widget on the left, then you will be directed to a site with tons of recovery support services and a listing of all the events celebrating recovery and sobriety, not just for the month, but for the rest of the year.


  1. That poem was heart wrenching....have you had any personal experience with your friends?

  2. Yes and this poem is directed at her. I used to have a friend named Angela who is incredibly fun and we were very close. She has two teenage boys, but she relapsed about half a year ago back into her cocaine addiction. Most likely, it's going to kill her. Obviously, I can't associate with her when she's actively using-all I can do is pray that she sobers up-that she actually grasps just how special she is, but I fear that will never happen. She told me that if she relapsed again, it would kill her, so I'm basically waiting for the day I find out she's dead.

  3. That is really sad... i will also pray for your friends recovery.

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  4. Thank you-the more positive thoughts and prayers the better!