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More Ezekiel Inspired Poems

The Question Whether they listen or not Is not the final question. It is rather whether you speak Godde's truth to power. You can only control yourself And that, Really, Is up for debate! Pieces of Meat If you think you are a choice piece of meat, Think again. The true choice cuts are those have been tossed aside And left to die. We must purge out our gristle And be hammered by life's trials To become tender and vulnerable As people of Godde. To become a juicy fillet, We must first go through The fire. Ez. 11:7 "Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: The bodies you have thrown there are the meat and this city is the pot, but I will drive you out of it." Godde Signs We are signs of Godde to each other. Some say, "Go! Be bold in Godde!" Others say,"Caution- Change is coming!" Still others, "Stop! Godde knows best!" But all of us hold A piece of God in Our hearts And if we let our Godde-Light shine Out strong The da

Psalm 28 - Do Not Remain Silent!

Those who reside in Hell are only Those for whom You are silent. So listen to my plea for mercy And answer me with Your strength. Do not remain silent to me, As You do with those who are false - Those whose words are like lace to each other, But are really a web of lies. Although the world bestows them with honor, I know You will find them in their web, All tangled and unable to become unstuck. Yes! Godde has answered my plea for mercy And my heart leaps for joy. I cannot help but sing! The Holy One makes the weak mighty- She is a powerhouse for the powerless, And in the crook of her arms, She is ready to carry her children home. *************************************** To compare it to the original, go here . *********************************** I have started reading my Bible right before I go to sleep and as I think about the verses I have just read, I put my thoughts into little poems. Perhaps one day they will be published... Here are a few of mine, all inspired by Ezekiel. Go

Pretzel Salad

Every Thanksgiving needs a salad! No, not a healthy, leafy, green salad, full of good for you fiber, but a jello salad, full of butter, sugar, and fat! This recipe is from and it's actually called a "pretzel salad," because is uses pretzels for the base. It turned out deliscious! I made it and took it to a friend's house where we had fabulous food and fellowship. The fellowship was especially great, as my Naval officer brother was able to come home at the last minute. Ingredients 2 cups crushed pretzels 3/4 cup margarine, melted 2 teaspoons white sugar 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese 3/4 cup white sugar 4 1/2 ounces frozen whipped topping, thawed 1 (6 ounce) package strawberry flavored gelatin 2 cups boiling water 2 (10 ounce) packages frozen strawberries 1.Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). 2.In a medium bowl, mix crushed pretzels, margarine and sugar. 3.Press crushed pretzel mixture into the bottom of a 9x13 inch baking dish, and bake

Protein Power!

Two eggs, sunny-side-up, on top of refried beans, on top of toasted Arnold Thins, with shredded cheddar cheese. Yummmy! This is my new favorite lunch! I have no idea how I knew that the beans and eggs would go together so perfectly, but somehow I just knew. It is super packed with protein and fiber-two things that keep me going throughout my busy days. It's especially good, because my new medicine makes me extra hungry and these open-faced sandwiches really hit the spot. My mom thinks that the combination sounds too weird, but push aside those inhibitions, because this is sheer food heaven! To be honest, I have been having trouble adjusting to the extra weight that I have gained due to my new meds. Sometimes I feel like my eating disorder is not just a disorder, but is more like a really evil entity that I must serve. The gained weight means that I am doing well in my recovery, but when most of my pants do not fit anymore, it can be hard to remember that recovery is the desired

NAMI's Multicultural Action Center Wins the Fruit and Nut Bowl Award

At the annual “Alternatives Conference” organized by the National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse , NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center and received the conference’s “Fruit and Nut Bowl Award.” No, the name of the award is not a slur. It’s an honor. The award recognized NAMI’s leadership in helping to "make it safe": for the LGBT community "to be proud and diverse" in addressing mental health needs. The Multicultural Action Center mission includes public education to decrease stigma. In many respects, the Fruit n’ Nut award is a statement of pride that stands stigma on its head and unifies the LGBT and mental health consumer communities. The award was first presented in 2007 to Bert Coffman of the Zappolarti Society , which runs a weekly LGBT peer support and recovery group in New York City. Coffman presented the award to the center’s director Majose Carrasco and coordinator Marin Swesey. He specifically cited NAMI’s creation of the cent

Psalm 27

Psalm 27 The Holy One is my flashlight And it shows me my salvation. If I follow it, then why fear? The Holy One is my foundation And my life is built upon it. If I live there, then why fear? Some people are like the flesh-eating bacteria- Only they want to feed upon my soul. Even in the midst of war, When I am surrounded by the soul-terrorists, I will stand firm and shine bright. I do ask to stay inside my house made of love. Let me stay there all of my life. I only want to surround myself in beauty Instead of hate. I want to stay in safety Instead of fear. I know my house is really your house. I know I am protected by your love. Therefore I will drown out the shrieks of sorrow With my songs of joy. Like the game “Marco Polo” When I call out your name Please respond. I listen with my heart And I want to see your face. I search everywhere- Shine your light upon it! Do not reject me like my imperfect parents, But stay and support me forever. Unlike my other teachers Teach

On a Rainy Day, Make Marshmellows

It was another rainy day and I was feeling miserable and bored, so I decided to make marshmellows! The recipe was posted last February for Valentine's Day-I can't believe I did not lose it!-in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. When I first saw the article, I did not even know that one could make marshmellows at home! I wasn't too wild about them, so I threw the recipe away after I made the marshmellows, which I am wishing that I had not, because now I will not be able to give the exact recipe to you. Whoops! Boil corn syrup and some other stuff. Three packs of unflavored gelatin and some water looks kinda funny. Pour boiled cornstarch into bowl with gelatin. Add two cups of sugar and some vanilla flavoring. You can add other types of flavoring and food coloring if you want. I wish that we had had other types of flavoring, myself, as I would like to try mint marshmellows! I thought the pictures of me using egg beaters turned out pretty cool. Grease a sheet of saran wrap

Remember: Tomorrow Will Be Different Than Today

My NAMI peer-to-peer class is almost over and I have learned a lot, but it was probably last week's class that has meant the most to me. In it, we heard from a loving husband and how he lives with his wife, who has paranoid schizophrenia. The man is also very involved in NAMI . He talked about listening to her and about how much he admires how hard she works for her recovery. For me, it was very inspirational to hear someone talk about having a loving relationship with a person that has a mental illness, because to be honest, I have wondered a lot whether there is anyone that can handle me. Yes, I am much better, but I may always need to be taken care of to an extent-I will at least need to be more careful than most about stressful situations. Stress causes me to hallucinate and to want to restrict, therefore I have to be extra careful about my workload. I also have arithritis at only 28, so I simply cannot do as much as most. I need someone who can help me and respect me at the s

Psalm 26

Support me, O Godde. For I am climbing the ladder of Your integrity- Do not let me fall. Your lovingkindness is my goal. Let me reach it, Let me feel it, Let it wash me anew; So that I may sparkle in Your Love And that all who see me also see You. ********************************************* To compare it to the original, go here . Feeling very achy today, so not going to do much talking, just enjoy the poetry and the picture.

Delicious Cornbread That Has A Lot More Than Mere Corn

Doesn't this look fab?! Well, it tasted wonderful! These are pictures from several months ago, when my family still had homegrown, organic tomatoes and yellow squash. One night I made a compote out of sweet, cream corn, the squash and tomatoes, and munster cheese. I ate it that night over a black bean burger, but I was left with a lot of leftovers, so the next night I took those leftovers and I baked it along with the ingredients to make cornbread. Sorry I am being so general about the process, but for the cornbread, really I use a standard box and follow the instructions on the back. Since that night, I have made variations of this cornbread many times and I have even brought it to parties and church dinners. Sometimes I add onions, sometimes the cheese is cheddar, although I don't usually use the squash. It was great, though! I do usually add the creamed corn and the last time I made it the tomatoes were not homegrown, but were stewed tomatoes from a can with "Mexican&

Veteran's Day and Mental Illness

I promise later today to do a fluffier piece, but this is important! This Veteran's Day, let us not only remember all those that physically died or became wounded in war, but also all those who suffer from horrible mental illness. (picture from the blog, SteveAudio, portraying a soldier suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) From GRIM STATISTICS Almost one in three veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq confront mental health problems. On an average day in this country, suicide claims another 18 veterans. Approximately 30 percent of veterans treated in the veterans health system suffer from depressive symptoms, two to three times the rate of the general population. More Vietnam veterans have now died from suicide than were killed directly during the war. Approximately 40 percent of homeless veterans have mental illnesses.

Cookie Monster

It is Sesame Street's fortieth birthday!! Can you believe it? You know, C is for many great things: Christmas, COOKIE, it's the first letter of my name, coffee crumb cake, cracker jack, cupcake, cat-my favorite animal... What are your favorite C words? (besides COOKIE?!) At my church's Christmas party, we are having a cookie swap, so look for pictures of yummy cookies coming soon. Yum! What kind of cookies should I make? What's your favorite kind of cookie? I'd like to make something really creative... (haha Creative starts with C! So does caring, compassion, and Circle of Grace, the name of my church, and when I was a kid, I made up an animal called a "Cornyrumpus!")

Psalm 25 - A Confession & Being "Originally Good"

To You, O Godde, I lift up my soul. O Godde, I am in pain. I am no Atlas- The world’s weight is over my head and It will crush me if You do not help. Patiently, I will wait. I am not ashamed to hand You my soul. It may have bruises- tender and weighty And it may have scars, and tears, and blood. But You are the One who heals all things. Give my soul wings to fly. Show me Your paths of mercy and truth And I will fly to meet You there. ************************************************************** These were also the words I used for out confession when I planned the worship service at my church a couple weeks ago. To find the original, go here . ***************************************************************** I had a wonderful Friday! A friend and I went to see Pearl Cleage, the Indigo Girls, and Alice Walker perform at Charis' Book & More 35th anniversary. The experience was electrifying and even though it was not a religious service, I felt the presence of God. ( The Indi

Inspirational Quote for the Day

Selfishness seldom has to do with reaching for the biggest piece of cake; rather, it is preoccupation with ourselves. (78) ~ Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by Marcus J. Borg Discuss.

Take Good Care of Your Heart!

This is cross-posted at Femi Nation . I am taking a CPR/first aid class and today I hearned that hear attacks are the number one cause of death in both womyn and men in the United States. For men, the biggest sign for a heart attack is chest pain, but not so for womyn-they usually experience back, head, or jaw pain. Womyn are also less likely to report their symptoms and so less womyn get treated for heart attacks and heart disease. This scares me! How many times have you hidden a headache or a backache, because you did not want to worry others or be a bother? How many times have you dismissed your own health in favor of someone else's? For myself, the times are countless. But knowledge is not only power, for true wisdom requires one to take action! Ladies, we must stop dismissing ourselves! Not only will we not be able to take care of our loved ones if we die due to our own carelessness, but the simple fact is true-you must advocate for yourself, because no one else

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Every choice we make can be a celebration of the world we want. ~ Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe

Support Gray Matters Behavioral Health Caucus on Nov. 9

From a NAMI email: Support the Gray Matters Behavioral Health Caucus on November 9, 2009. This is the second quarterly caucus for mental health champions in the legislature to meet and learn what is happening and what can be done about it. Our first caucus was held on August 8. We all know how often we hear or talk about Georgia ’s broken and failing mental health system. Now we can do something about it. Last year, we had maybe 10 - 12 Champions, legislators who really went to bat for mental health, and we got a new department of Behavioral Health and a new mental health ombudsman Imagine what could happen if we had 50 legislators this year to champion our cause. We could really make things happen. We began working on this idea in May. Then in June, the new Commissioner of the Dept of BHDD suggested that a Caucus of 50 legislators would be a great idea. We said “We thought so too, and had already begun working on it!” We’ve done a lot to set it up, like getting Host legis