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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Protein Power!

Two eggs, sunny-side-up, on top of refried beans, on top of toasted Arnold Thins, with shredded cheddar cheese. Yummmy! This is my new favorite lunch! I have no idea how I knew that the beans and eggs would go together so perfectly, but somehow I just knew. It is super packed with protein and fiber-two things that keep me going throughout my busy days. It's especially good, because my new medicine makes me extra hungry and these open-faced sandwiches really hit the spot.
My mom thinks that the combination sounds too weird, but push aside those inhibitions, because this is sheer food heaven!
To be honest, I have been having trouble adjusting to the extra weight that I have gained due to my new meds. Sometimes I feel like my eating disorder is not just a disorder, but is more like a really evil entity that I must serve. The gained weight means that I am doing well in my recovery, but when most of my pants do not fit anymore, it can be hard to remember that recovery is the desired goal and not serving ED.

I was feeling really down before going to church today, but when I got to church it was announced that a friend of the church recently died. This was a person that fully embraced life and many people came to her funeral and to my church to remember all the good that she had done. This reminded me what really matters in this life is not how much we weigh, but how fully we live our life. I am thankful that I am now in a place where my mind is open enough to receive these life lessons. So what if I weigh a little more? I am alive and grateful for it!

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