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Monday, December 7, 2009

No Longer Afraid of Portobello Mushrooms!

I don't know why, but I have always been afraid to cook portobello mushrooms. They seem very gourmet to me and my cooking is anything, except gourmet! They were on sale at the grocery store and I thought to myself, "Why not?!" So I grilled them on my George Foreman grill and they were fabulous! I am now proud to say that I am no longer afraid of these mushrooms.
First, I let them sit in this marinade for an hour.

After grilling, I put them on toasted Arnold Thins, slathered with cream cheese. The reason I chose cream cheese is because I know people often pair goat cheese with mushrooms and I figured cream cheese is similar enough to goat cheese to use as a substitute and I was right. As my friend yesterday said, "Cheese is better than butter!"


  1. Haha you were afraid of Portobello mushrooms? They are amazing. I love all forms of mushrooms! Love the way you prepared it! Just needs more CHEESE!! >.<

  2. The photos look delicious. I'm totally about some slow-food movement and cooking at home. We've been doing more cooking at home though nothing too spectacular. Though Austin did make his special city-ham Alton Brown style. Delicious.