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Spiritual Quote of the Day

Indeed, his words "Call no man on earth your father, for you have one Father, who is in heaven" may very well be directed against the patriarchal family, which as the primary social unit in that world was a microcosm of a hierarchical system. If so, this is a fascinating instance of Jesus using the image of God as Father in a way that subverted patriarchy. (82, Marcus Borg, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time)

Spiritual Quote-Where is the Kingdom of Godde?

Moreover, the Kingdom is not somewhere else; rather it is among you, inside you, and outside you. Neither is it some time in the future, for it is here, spread out on the earth; people just do not see it. (81, Marcus Borg, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time)

The Sandwich Snob

I absolutely love a good sandwich! I guess you could call me a sandwich snob. I like my sandwiches to have fancy breads and fresh ingredients, which is why I was very skeptical of Checkers' mushroom cheeseburger. Normally I would not have even thought of eating one, but my boyfriend practically lives on them and so I wanted to see if there was any chance that I would like them too. When I told Charlie that I wanted to try a mushroom burger, he did not understand. "They're unhealthy, Corey! There's a good reason why you don't like to eat fast food. It's not good for you and you actually care about your body." All of those things are true about most fast food and I do care about what I put in my body, but I also know that I cannot live in fear of certain foods. Recovery from an eating disorder has involved me trying lots of different foods that I used to think were "bad" and Checkers burgers were definitely on that list. I don't want to not eat

Take A Deep Breath

When conventional wisdom appears in religious form, God is imaged primarily as lawgiver or judge. [...]God becomes the one whom we must satisfy, the one whose requirements must be met. (Marcus Borg, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time,78) Take a deep breath. You do not have to meet any requirement in order to deserve the rights of humanity. You are valued. You are enough. You do not have to be a slave to conventional wisdom.

August Reading List

Omnipotence and Other Theological Mistakes by Charles Hartshorne – A tough read! I had a lot of trouble getting through the first chapter. I kept on rereading passages and finally I said, “Screw it,” and continued reading. After the first chapter, the reading was a lot easier and I ended up enjoying the book. I had a severe anxiety attack for the two weeks I was attempting the first chapter (unrelated to reading-I needed a medication adjustment), so I have a feeling that it was the anxiety that made it so hard to read. I’d like to reread the book again now that I am not so anxious. I found most of the “theological mistakes” intriguing, although I am not sure I agree with all of them. Hartshorne has many ideas about what happens-or doesn’t happen-to us after we die and I found those parts a little hard to swallow, as I don’t really see how anyone can really know. After the first chapter, I ended up actually taking notes about what I was reading to help me focus and I would recommend do

Spiritual Quote of the Day - Live Life Not According to the Performance Principle

Life according to the performance principle is also life according to the conformity principle: ironically we try to be outstanding-to stand out-by conforming to the standards that our culture values most highly. (77, Marcus Borg, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time) I have experienced this principle often in my life! I can tell that I am living according to the performance principle when I start really worrying about what people think of me or if I must be "outstanding" in order to live up to people's expectations. But we do not need to do this-we only need to live up to Godde's expectations and I believe Godde only wants us to be all that we can be. Godde does not want us to be perfect robots with no passion, but instead people that strive to love and live intensely and with passion.

Wait Until the Miracle Happens

I believe that this week is National Suicide Prevention Week and I know for a fact that yesterday was National Suicide Prevention Day, so I feel the need to say a few things about preventing suicide. My main point is this: the thoughts of suicide, if one is having them, will always eventually go away. There is a saying in recovery groups that says, "Wait until the miracle happens." My life is a testament to this saying. I believe the miracle always happens, so just wait. The suicidal impulses will eventually lift. Like a psychiatrist I once had said to me, "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." I feel comfortable saying this, because I have been through some very rough times-I have heard voices, done self-harm, been suicidally depressed, and maniacally happy, but now? Now I am living in the miracle. My life has meaning and this meaning is found in helping others. I am no longer codependent, but have fulfilling relationships with other people, incl

Psalm 48 & a Litany-Take Time to Listen!

Great is our Godde And oh, how beautiful! Godde's kindom dazzles With divine beauty. Let us serve there forever! Rulers passed by Godde's country And were shocked into silence. They were held captive by wonder And they quivered and quaked. Like a womyn in labor, They were overtaken by fear and pain. Like a strong ship crashed by the wind, A ruler's power does not compare to Godde's. Despite bureacracies that drown out justice And governments that limit love, Godde's kindom is here!- We have seen it in each other's faces. Unlike the unlawful tyrant, Godde keeps her promises. She wants to be in a relationship with us! God is full of give and take- Earthly rulers want to dominate. See the difference? Rejoice and be glad. Explore Godde's holy city. Be part of bringing Godde's kindom to Earth. Recognize the Holy One In each person you meet. Let the Holy Friend be your tour guide. Discover Godde's wonders all of your life. ******************************