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If I Were a Spice...

If I were a spice, I'd be nutmeg. One, you can put some in pancake batter and the pancakes will taste marvelous. Two, I seem to be adding diagnosis to my list everyday. Lately, I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder . I am both overwhelmed by this diagnosis and relieved-overwhelmed, because it's a pretty major mental disorder with some really heavy stigma attached to it, but I am also relieved, because the diagnosis does seem to fit my characteristics. There is a sense of relief that comes when a diagnosis resonates within you, even if it is a diagnosis filled with stigma and misconceptions. Knowledge is power and the more I know about my diagnosis, the better I can help myself move into recovery. And if I were a spice, I would be in a store like Spice It Up in Asheville! Actually, the shop is in the lovely, artsy town called Black Mountain, which is near Asheville. ( 130 Cherry St Black Mountain, NC 28711) And my friend and I just had to step inside