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Godde does not delight in anyone's death!

Have you ever read a passage that just electrified you?  That upon reading it, just sent a shiver of electricity down your spine, because you knew it to be true?  A few weeks ago, I was reading Ezekiel 18, since I was thinking of writing a sermon and that chapter was part of the lectionary.  I did end up writing a sermon, which I will publish later.  However, it did not get used, as I got sick that weekend and my minister had already found someone to replace her on her vacation.  I did, however, start using Ezekiel 18:32 in my daily practice, as it really struck a chord with me and inspired me.  It is this: For I take no pleasure in anyone's death, says Sovereign YHWH.  That means me!  Godde would not take any pleasure in my death!  Yes, I probably should have known that already, but for some reason it provided a much needed boost to my brain and soul.  You see, when I go through my bouts of depression, I become suicidal and a few weeks ago, that's where my thinking was cent

September Books

This book is a humorous take on the now famous fairytale about the princess that kisses a frog prince and ends up turning into a frog herself.  It’s written with lots of humor and the girl I read it to loved it, but I wasn’t wild about it.  It lacked depth and even though it was located in the “teen” section, it seemed more like a book for preteens or younger.  Not that a book for preteens cannot have depth-I just wish this book had had some.  I felt like it was a book that catered specifically to its market and could not appeal to older readers.  A truly great book appeals across generations.  Also, this book had unfortunate vibe of being regrettably predictable, even though creative.  There is definitely an art form to rewriting fairy tales-the writer has to take great care to write a story that is probably very familiar to its readers in way that is new, while still honoring the original.  In my opinion, this book did not succeed.  Of course, anyone younger and not quite the li