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Fat and Flabulous

I made the mistake of inadvertently taking somebody's space at a grocery store parking lot and I ended up being saddled with the burden of being a fat person.  I don't usually take people's spaces, but the woman waiting was taking her sweet time and I wasn't sure if she was really wanting that space or not and I was in a hurry.  I was anxious about getting to where I was going on time and I was a bit confused-in short, I was human.  The woman who was upset did not pause to consider that perhaps I had other things on my mind and yelled out at me, AT LEAST I'M NOT FAT!!! I was shocked into silence by her meanness and so I did not apologize for taking her space. I thought to myself, "at least I don't say ugly things to people!"  I am also glad to report that at first I was a little confused, as in, DON'T YOU KNOW I'M FLABULOUS? I am beautiful, although I am more culturally accepted as beautiful sometimes than at others, smart, kind, creativ

Mental Health Insurance Parity Law

May is Mental Health Month and so I am sharing with you some information from the American Psychological Association ( APA ) about the new Mental Health Insurance Parity Law. " The Mental Health Parity law increases access to mental health services. It requires mental and behavioral health coverage to be equal or better than coverage for physical health, with no annual limits or higher co-pays or deductibles for treatment of mental health or substance-use disorders. The law applies to most employer-provided health plans and to individual plans purchased through the new state and federal health insurance exchanges." Many people still do not know that the mental health parity law exists or if it will make their mental health coverage/needs much more accessible.  The video helps to explain the new law and the links will help answer your questions and hopefully feel more confident about getting more coverage.  The law does not affect everybody unfortunately, and there are so

You Are Worth a Maple Bacon Cupcake! Happy Birthday to Me!

In my last post I talked about finding Godde in my maple bacon cupcakes and that is surely true! When I tasted the cupcakes I made for my 33rd birthday last weekend, something happened that’s never happened when I’ve eaten something before: I sang the doxology in my head! Praise Godde to whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all Creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host. Praise Godde, the Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. Some might call this sacrilegious to sing the doxology over a cupcake, but I say when the Spirit moves you, the Spirit moves. A church that I used to attend would say every Easter, “Taste and see that Godde is good,”- well, if Godde has been compared to the land of milk and honey, then surely She can be compared to a maple bacon cupcake. I made a maple cupcake from the blog, Cupcake Adventures and then maple buttercream frosting from Just A Pinch Recipes , to which I added bacon bits. The cupcake by itself is marvelous, like an already syruped pancake

Living the Questions:The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity-A Book Review

Who are we to declare some things holy or not holy? 226 Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity This was a Speakeasy book that I thoroughly enjoyed-in fact, I think their book selection has gotten a lot better than when it first started and I heartily recommend joining! This book is a series of excerpts and elaborations of the popular living the questions series that many churches use to introduce lay people to progressive theology. I have never taken the series, but have always been curious about it. I did not really learn anything new, as I have already been introduced to progressive and process theology but I agreed with just about everything I read. The only main problem I have with progressive theology is that I feel it sometimes others poor people-unlike liberation theology (another theology I love), it seems to assume that if you are reading about it, then you are at least moderately well-off and it asks how do you help the poor people-when if this

March 2014 Books - Feminist Reading

I spent April writing WEGO Health HAWMC prompts and spiritual posts and so I am only now getting to my book reviews!  Here are the books I read in March: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver  March was the month I spent reading for my feminist book club and I got to finally read the book that it seems like everyone but me has already read! I thought it was very well-written, but I probably will not ever read it again-I found the story of an ultra-religious, patriarchal, self-hating, condescending and abusive missionary triggering at times. The missionary takes his family to the Congo in the 1960s and the chapters are told from the women’s points of view-his wife and three daughters, which I found refreshing. The story certainly has a lot of adventure and drama! One thing that I really did love about the book is how it deals with disability. First, one of the daughters, Adah, has a disability. She is hemiplegic, meaning that she has “severe weakness on of the limbs