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Coping Skills for S.A.D. & Fall Anxiety

One of my many diagnoses is seasonal affective disorder or S.A.D., which just means that darker weather tends to negatively affect my mood.  Of course, we start to experience more darker days in a row during the fall and so seasonally I become more depressed in the fall and winter months.  This month I have really noticed a change in me, as I have become more anxious, which I think is also because I have been busier than usual too.  To remind myself of how to keep my disorders in check and to perhaps help you too, I present: My Fall List of Coping skills for S.A.D. & Anxiety 1. Use a Light Box Every Morning! (I forgot last year-won't do that again.) A lightbox is an electronic box that emits 10,000 lux, which fools your brain into thinking that you are underneath the sun.  You use it for at least fifteen minutes a day.  I have a small one that sits on my kitchen table and I simply turn it on while I eat breakfast and read in the morning.  I know it may sound a little weir

Virgin Islands Vacation Day 6 - Perspective in Art and Sexuality

I bet you never thought I'd never get back to telling you about my Virgin Islands vacation!  Sadly, I keep on running out of spoons to write, because I am so busy!  Busy day, resting day, that's how it goes with fibromyalgia.... But today I write. Day six was maybe my favorite day - we went to Drunk Bay .  You walk down a short trail and then are greeted by the ocean and a rocky shore. Beautiful!  But then you turn your head and slowly you realize that you are not alone-hundreds of rock people are lying about, staring at you!   Are they creepy or are they whimsical? I thought they were creepy.  Still do.  I would love to send these pictures to Steven King in the hopes that he would write a book about them, but I am sure hat he gets similar requests from people all the time and does not want to get bothered with my story ideas. I was entranced and spooked-I kept on imagining ghostly stories about the rock people!  I made two of my own and of course