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My Way of Loving Involves Peer Support

Properly speaking, a Platonic relationship is one that has transcended the purely sexual, and discovered a way of loving that seeks satisfactions elsewhere. (48, Plato's Podcasts: The Ancients' Guide to Modern Living by Mark Vernon )  Being a certified peer specialist is a Platonic way of loving. - Me Here is my facebook roundup of posts about being a CPS or recovery: I, personally, need medication, but the way medications are priced and pushed is ridiculous. My medication should not be $400 WITH insurance. There is stigma if you're on medication and if you're not-I think we should just let people make their own decisions about what's best for them. AND medication is not a cure. Mental illnesses are not just a brain disorder to be treated with medication, they are trauma, bad habits, coping mechanisms that need more than just medicine to truly  be well. When I would do the presentations to the inpatients at Emory, I was really bothered by how many patients

There Is Freedom In Food

  "In fact, worry is a sign that you are trying to impose your will on the world, to oppose fate.  That is a fruitless expenditure of energy.  It is to turn your back on freedom. It is to never quite live. Instead, trust providence, reach for the divine." (Mark Vernon, Plato's Podcasts: The Ancients' Guide to Modern Living)   February is eating disorders awareness month, so I have been posting more body positive posts on Facebook than usual.  Here are my highlights.  ----------   Funny how most people don't consider eating disorders a mental illness or a feminist issue.  Most people don't even believe me when I say that eating disorders are the mental illness with the highest mortality rate.  But we all know that if a phenomena is mainly experienced by women then it's not considered important.  One of the most important factors in my eating disorder recovery was to immerse myself in the fat acceptance culture until I no longer viewed fat as the enemy.