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Magical Thinking Does Not Work

 "Teenage girls engage in emotional reasoning, which is the belief that if you feel something is true, it must be true. If a teenager feels like a nerd, she is a nerd....There is a limited ability to sort facts from feelings. Thinking is still magical in the sense that thinking something makes it so." Author: Mary Pipher Just because I feel something is true does not mean it is true.   Just because I want something to be true also does not make it true. I  w anted for respite to completely reset my energy and so enable me to continue to stay at my job full time. I also knew that this probably wouldn't happen, as I had nothing in place for that energy to stay with me upon return.   Unfortunately, I was right.       Magical thinking does not work.   There are more clinical definitions of magical thinking, but I define it as thinking that life will dramatically change for the better without doing anything different to cause that eff

Mindfully Getting Away

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. ( Amit Ray, from Om Chanting and Meditation ) Living in the moment can be so hard when one is feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  I went on vacation - more on that later - and I was hoping that I would return feeling back to myself, but when I returned to work, it was busy as usual and so I am still struggling with feeling overwhelmed.  I do not like being as busy as I am and it is easy to spin out when thinking about everything I have to do.  But that is why practicing mindfulness is so important!  Being in the moment, taking things one at a time, just doing the next right thing, really does help ease my anxiety.    How to do that though?   Sometimes I need to get away.  When I'm feeling overwhelmed, sometimes I need to escape, even if just for a few minutes.  Right now, I usually put Pandora on some relaxing classical music and read for about fifteen minutes.  It takes me away from where I curren