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Intentional Peer Support vs. Advice Giving: A FaceBook Dialogue

The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.      ~David Bailey     What most people need is validation, not advice.   ~Me 4 tasks of peer support: connection, world view, mutuality, moving towards.      ~Anonymous A Facebook friend posted about her feelings of frustration when she tried to give another friend advice.  What resulted was a really long and thought provoking post.  I asked my friend if I could post our exchanges on my blog, as I think we talked about some really important concepts.  There were a lot more people commenting than just me and her but if I posted the whole, entire conversation, I think people would roll their eyes at such a long post.  For the most part, I have simply summed up my friend’s comments and have shortened some of mine.  The point is not our exact words but the general message behind them.   ********** Friend: I tried to give advice to a person who is constantly negative and they did not appreciate it.