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Stop Looking For Signs

Ask the questions, take a deep breath, and release it to the universe.  Stop thinking about it and engage in the present moment.  If you have to think about whether or not it’s a sign or guidance, then it’s not - you’re forcing it.  If something comes into your radar that sparks a physical reaction - a clear sense of truth - you have your answer.    ~ Stephenie Zamora When I was in the hospital, I wrote on a piece of paper, “Stop looking for signs.”  I later told my roommate and she laughingly agreed.  “Looking for signs is usually not a good sign.” She said. I pride myself on being somewhat of a skeptic - I try to look at the world through scientific eyes.  I am also open to mysticism, which I know seems incongruous with science. I don’t believe in horoscopes, numerology, the zodiac, the da Vinci code, or tarot.  I do think that tarot cards can be inspiring and show us insights, but I think it’s because of what our subconscious wants us to see and not because we are c

Setting Myself Up For Vacation Success

Jane had to learn to allow herself to have the anxiety rather than try desperately to get rid of it.   for distraction to work, you have to do it mindfully. Pay close attention and throw yourself into whatever activity you are using to distract yourself. If you engage in distracting activities but think about your problems the whole time, then it won’t work.   If you change your actions, you can change your emotions.   Chapman, Alexander L.. The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Anxiety: Breaking Free from Worry, Panic, PTSD, and Other Anxiety Symptoms (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook) (Kindle Locations 912-914). New Harbinger Publications. Kindle Edition. In a few days I am going on vacation to celebrate my brother’s wedding.  I’m really excited!  I’m also a little worried.  It would be nice to be able to just turn my head on to vacation mode so that I could be worry and flashback free, but that is not how recovery works.  While yes, medications a

I Am Not A Burden - Accepting Support

Paul countered by speaking of "the wisdom of God" (which he also spoke of as "the foolishness of God" because it is the opposite of "the wisdom of this world") which "destroys the wisdom of the wise." (106, Marcus Borg , Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time: The Historical Jesus and The Heart of Contemporary Faith) .   Mental health professionals do not speak as the "wisdom of God" - listen more to the people that already know and love us.  (Me) My Mom is my best friend.  She knows how best to support me in a way that no one else does and now that I’m an adult, I support her too.  When I am super, super anxious she is a safe person for me to vent to and cry.  Unfortunately, I like to create problems when there aren’t any so sometimes I obsess over how I will handle life when certain support people are gone.    One of the reasons I went to the hospital is because I wanted to handle my problems myself.  I do think it is good to

My World Mental Health Day Message

God is better partnered than fought. (141, Monica A Coleman , Making A Way Out Of No Way: A Womanist Theology )   Mental health challenges and disabilities are better partnered than fought too. I must love all parts of myself in order to be well.  (Me) It's World Mental Health Day, so I am going to post some of what I wrote on FaceBook last night about mental health.  Every day is a day we should choose to take care of our mind.  The mind, body, and soul are all connected and to be well we need to take care of our whole selves.  Lately I decided that I no longer will go to bed depressed and irritable, so my new nightly practice is to make sure I do something to put me in a better mood if I am not feeling well before going to sleep. Reading and completing exercises from The Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Workbook for Anxiety are what I chose last night to make me feel better.  You've already seen some of the exercises I've done and I will post later on anothe

Checking Anxiety's Facts

I will set free the people that you ensnare like birds.  I will tear off your veils and save my people from your hands, and they will no longer fall prey to  your power.   Then you will that I am the Lord.   Ezekiel 14:20-21 Anxiety and fear do often ensnare me.  Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in low self-esteem and societal expectations.  Sometimes I become trapped in other people’s fears and do not even investigate to see if the fears and anxieties are mine to worry about in the first place.  Since one of the main reasons why I was recently hospitalized was due to extreme anxiety and panic attacks, I am slowly going through The Dialectical Behavioral Skills Workbook for Anxiety .   Two things I like so far in the workbook is that it stresses how common the experience of anxiety and panic attacks are and how the feelings of fear and anxiety can also be useful.     Around 11 percent of people have experienced a panic attack in the past year, and 28 percent of people sa