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When Wise Mind Says Shut Up

Forget about self-confidence; it's useless.  Cultivate God-confidence. (The Message Bible, 356.) (You can substitute goddess or spirit or Higher Power or ancestors or Love or anything else-The point is to have confidence in something bigger than yourself that guides your life, even if it's just trust in your own intuition instead of your ego.)  Talking about the prophets and sin left me with my mind swirling a couple of Sundays ago during Bible Study. The people that were talking about how awful everything is really bothered me, but is my insistence on joy ignoring reality? Here is what I eventually decided: It is good to reflect on the atrocities of society, but it is not good to wallow in them.  It is good to reflect if they cause us to move towards solutions, but it is not if we move towards despair.  It is good to be aware of when I miss the mark, but it is not good if that is all of my focus.  If I spend more time feeling instead of doing, then I have missed