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Trauma Informed Revolution

It invites us to ask, "To what am I in bondage, and to what are we in bondage?" (The Message Bible) Let us break the bondage of trauma with trauma informed care. (me)  Earlier this week I attended a trauma informed care training for continuing education.  The whole point of the training is to introduce trauma informed care into behavioral health settings that need to get up to date, as trauma informed care slowly is becoming the new standard.  What I really liked about it was that we learned practical ways to take the information back to our workplaces-let the trauma informed revolution begin! The trauma informed training made me reflect on a lot of painful memories but it also left me grateful for my recovery, and for my mental health care treatment team.  A lot of bad memories spin around my last hospital stay, but when I hear stories of hospital abuse, I realize that my doctor did the best he could.  He listened to me and tried to make me as comfortable as he coul

The Power of Words

It's true that moral guidance and counsel need to be given, but the way you say it and to whom you say it are as important as what you say.  (The Message Bible) I'm really struggling with writer's motivation; I have ideas, so it's not exactly writer's block, but I am struggling so hard with the sitting down and typing bit.  Maybe I'm out of practice?  I have been spending a lot of my time cleaning and organizing and decorating and just enjoying my new house that my writing drive is a bit rusty.  Yes, you heard that right - A NEW HOUSE! It was such a huge landmark when I was able to move out of my parents' house almost five years ago but this is even bigger.  My parents trust me and I trust me.  I will take care of the house, I will pay bills on time, and I belong to a wide community net that I know will help me when I need it.  Tonight I am selling blackout poetry and leading a short blackout poetry workshop at a peer recovery event and yesterday I i

Staying In My Lane

Stay in your lane.  If you're good enough, people will move to you. ~ Russell Simmons I've always hated the phrase, "stay in your lane;" it always seemed condescending to me.  A few times someone has said it to me when I was asking a question and I felt very offended.  However, recently I realized that it is the perfect phrase for me to use to reframe my sometimes too nosy thoughts. I went to the Alternatives conference a few weeks ago and had a great time...until I sensed that there was some tension in the air and then I became triggered and teary.  Fortunately, I was able to get the support I needed and ended up having a good enough time to want to return. I attended a function by the anti-defamation league until I realized that the leader was triggered and her slightly raised voice made me also triggered and teary.  I ended up leaving this event early, even though I did get the support I needed-I just couldn't stop crying until I arrived home. I start

Life is a Grand Adventure - A Recap of Last Week

Religious laws speak of how to behave; theology and doctrine speak of how to understand and what to believe; but stories appeal to the imagination, to that place within us where our images of reality, life, and ourselves reside. ( Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, Marcus Borg) I look at my life as a series of grand adventure stories.   I do not believe that our troubles are caused by God and that horror happens to teach us a moral lesson.   However, I do believe we can choose to find meaning in all situations.   We can always learn from life, even if the lesson is just recognizing the support and love around us.   I think looking for possible lessons enforces a joyous perspective.   I know it helps me keep on going when life is tough.   Lately, I have been writing a memory or two to sum up the previous day each morning in my journal and doing this has really cemented the importance of this point of view.   We can choose to claim a life of victimhood or a life of victory, alt

Rebellious Wellness

God is love.  When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us.  (The Message Bible) When I live in Love, all is well no matter how I feel. (me) "I'm too tired to take my medicine" is the familiar refrain in my head. It's the refrain that has tripped me up again and again. I decide that I'm too tired to take my meds, that one night without won't hurt.  The pattern repeats until I am in some sort of crisis. But not this time- something within me has changed. I am a Wellness Rebel, Wellness Rebellious!  No longer will I listen to the evil voices inside that are trying to bring me down. "No, I MUST take it!" I counter the voice. More and more I am countering the voice of self destructiveness and victimization:   I WILL take my medication every day. Yes, I WILL put my clothes away before bed. Yes, I WILL make my bed after I get up. Yes, I WILL clean the litter box before going o