15 Sort of Random Things You May or May Not Know about Me

April 24, 2011

Years ago there was a fad where people would list about fifteen things about them that no one else knew. I loved reading these lists, as they were usually pretty interesting and I desperately wanted to write one of my own, but my self-esteem was too low. I thought everybody that saw my list would think that I was too self-absorbed. Well, these kinds of things are pretty self-absorbed, but since I’ve got a facebook and twitter account AND my own blog, I really don’t think I can use a fear of being seen as too self-absorbed as an excuse anymore. I was also afraid of what people might think, because I’m a pretty open person, so if there’s something about me that you don’t know, then it’s probably because I’m scared you won’t like me or will judge me if you know. Fortunately, partly because of these tools of self-absorption like FB, Twitter, and blogging, I now have better self-esteem. I am, of course, still working on making it better… So even though this is years late, I am now posting my list of…..

15 Sort of Random Things You May or May Not Know About Me

1.If I ever get married, I am in no way changing my last name.

2.If I ever have children, I am adopting. I have many reasons for this, but here is my most cynical one: The world is already overpopulated, so I see no reason why I should add to the population. Personally, I think it’s a far more constructive option to try to better the lives of the children that are already on this planet.

3.I love working with people with developmental disabilities, but my favorite population to work with is geriatrics. They’re so appreciative.

4.I may be more feminist than Christian. I am totally okay with this.

5.I detest the season of Lent and am a little bit bitter that it is the longest Christian season. I always consider leaving the church and returning on Easter. As a depressed person, I find it a bit much.

6.In the same vein, I even more detest it when people tell me what they are giving up for Lent. Please don’t tell me-I don’t care. I think comparing giving up chocolate to someone giving up their own life is extremely insulting and self-righteous.

7.I have always found the idea of the Easter Bunny to be rather bizarre. Even as a child, I found it a bit silly and extremely weird.
8.I absolutely believe in a resurrection of the spirit, but I have difficulty in believing in any resurrection of the body. One of the reasons why I increasingly feel sort of alone as a “Christian” around Easter time.

9.This is my secret shame: My favorite part about Easter is buying and wearing a new dress.

10.I am polyamorous.

11.I totally think that one can be into kink and be a feminist. I am. I am really tired of hearing that those things are incompatible. Just like I’m tired of hearing that one cannot be feminist and Christian.

12.I desperately wish for a feminist mental health organization.

13.My favorite number is 41. This is from my years working at retail: it’s the number you get when you combine a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter.

14.My second favorite number is 42. If you don’t know why, then you really don’t know me well enough.

15.I think I may like the movie, Shock Treatment, more than Rocky Horror. I know, I know, this is blasphemy. The only thing I don’t like about ST is that it doesn’t have Tim Curry in lingerie.

One comment on “15 Sort of Random Things You May or May Not Know about Me”

  1. Interesting, and I'm glad you shared. I'll make my comments brief because I've got to get moving if I'm to make it to church, and because I'm doing this on my phone, with the little Barbie n Ken virtual keyboard, and the scary/hilarious auto correct
    I wouldn't have guessed you for poly. Many of my friends are, and mostly they are the ones with real self esteem issues and denial. I'm not dissing the poly community itself. Hell, I'd be poly too if anybody else would cooperate, but I do see a correlation between membership in it, and a need to shout, 'I am SO good enough'
    The Easter bunny makes more sense if you think of him as Fertility Bunny. Yeah, Our Risen Lord and Savior Bunny is kind of silly
    I wouldnt have guessed you for kinky. On the other hand, when I go to a kink event, I'm amazed by how deliberately normal the folks are. It's like a PTA meeting with toys
    More later. Marie.

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