January 28, 2009

It has been over a year since my I started this blog and this is only my second post. I am very sorry! I know that it was because I got discouraged from no one responding, but I should have written more-I should have tried harder. In my defense, last year was an absolutely awful year-I had a relapse in my eating disorder and had to have inpatient treatment, I had an awful roommate and ended up having to live two weeks in my car, I was sexually harassed by a psychiatrist (I reported the incident, but I don't know what happened about it) and by several customers at the store I was working at, and I decided to quit my training to be a music therapist and came home. My computer also broke down several times. I made the right decision to come home and yet transitions are always hard. I'm trying to focus a lot more on my writing and my art and I will post a lot more here-I sincerely hope that at least one person finds this blog inspirational. I also hope that this can be a safe space for dialogue regarding tough issues.

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  1. Hi there. Sorry I wasn't there for you during this tough time period for you! I regret that I wasn't there. However, you are a strong person and you have already proven and shown that strength! I'm proud of you!

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