Change Is Coming!

January 31, 2010

I have decided that it is too hard trying to maintain two blogs at once and so I am going to try to merge my Femi-Nation blog into Hope is Real! Hope is Real will look pretty much the same, except that the posting should be more frequent. It will be slightly more political and there will be more book critiques. There will be a weekly feature - most weeks, anyway - called "Womyn of the Week" that features a feminist or womanist that you should know. In one of the side columns, there will now be write ups for inclusive feminist events. Hope is Real! main focus will still be on recovery and food and spirituality-its just that I will be incorporating the stuff that I do on my other blog. Hardly anyone visits my Femi-Nation blog and the whole reason why I created it is because I wanted a feminist online community, with people sending me articles and events and artwork, but that hasn't happened. I still would love to post other people's feminist or foodie or recovery-centered events, so if you know of one and would like me to post it, send it to me at and I will be more than glad to do so. I am excited about these new changes and I hope you are too!

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