Christmas Vacation 2012 - Fun in Bellingham

December 26, 2012

Today we did not just lounge around all day, but instead went sight seeing in Bellingham, Washington state and we had a lot of fun!  After looking around a few quirky shops, we had lunch at Mount Bakery.  Mount Bakery is a cute cafe with excellent food.  In fact, the restaurant has won many awards for their sweets and soups.

Here is my very pretty chai tea latte:
Everyone drinks hot tea or coffee in Washington.  I have never seen so many coffee shops in my life, but I can feel why-it is much colder here than in Georgia!

I also had a delicious half sandwich and salad:

"Hot Turkey and Gouda - Hempler’s Turkey with mayo, sliced red onion,our homemade cranberry relish, and Dutch Gouda" Great sandwich!  The cheese was hot and stringy, the mayo kept the sandwich moist, the relish added sweetness and color.  Yum-yum.  I love a good sandwich.  Still, I was glad I got the half portion-size, because it was a bit rich.

The cafe was painted in bright colors, which I loved.  The bathroom was especially bright and cheerful with bright red polka-dots on a gold background:
Isn't that fun?  It sort of reminds me of Swiss cheese or of clown noses!

After lunch, we walked to an interactive museum called Mindport:
I really recommend this place!  It's a funky and fun museum with hands-on experimental and scientific art and music displays.  If you have no idea of what that means, then you should come to the museum and see for yourself!  Every display in the museum is meant to be played with and the displays were as beautiful as they were fun.  Unlike some museums, it was extremely accessible and fun for both adults and kids-my parents and I had a great time and so were the children we saw there too.  Here is an example of one of the exhibits:
The colorful lights are moving to the beat of fast polka music!  I was also really impressed that there was a small library towards the end of the museum with art and science books, chairs, and two guitars.  The guitars were hung on the wall just waiting for anyone to pick them up and start playing.  I was surprised that the museum owner's would trust their patrons to start playing on nice instruments.  It made my heart happy.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to poke around the little town of Anacortes.  If you ever go to Bellingham, I strongly recommend eating at the Mount Bakery and experiencing the wonders of Mindport.

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