Come and Get 'Em While They're Hot!!

January 30, 2009

I am currently living with my parents and we decided early on that my mom would do the laundry, I would cook dinner-when home, of course-and my dad would do the dishes. Score! I hate cleaning-I like organizing, but definitely not cleaning! I do the grocery shopping too, which I love, because to me, grocery shopping is a game-I regularly cut down fifteen dollars off the total due to coupons and careful planning. By cooking every night, something unexpected has happened-healing.
Since my parents are paying the grocery bill, I feel a little freer to buy things I want and because they have more spices, I feel much freer to experiment. It helps too that my parents are so appreciative. Before I came home, they were mostly having microwave dinners and so to them, even something as simple as following the directions on the back of some box is amazing and wonderful!
I have seriously struggled with food issues since middle school and I am finally beginning to really enjoy food, which is the most wonderful part of the deal. I must also say thank you to my nutritionist, Leslie Cox. It helps knowing what true nutrition is. I now know that fat is actually needed in a diet and that there are many kinds of healthy proteins. I've always beens scared of protein, because I equated it with fat-when I was in the hospital, the nutritionist there kept on telling me that I wasn't eating enough protein, so I'm having fun for the first time ever, incorporating healthy protein into my meals. A friend of mine who also struggles with ED posts pictures of her dinners and mine was so pretty tonight that I decided to do the same.
I made: pumpkin spice pancakes with scrambled cheesy eggs with bits of ham Yum! There was also cinnamon applesauce and mango-orange juice! And boysenberry syrup! So good!

The pancakes have walnuts, cinnamon, and pumpkin-pie spice!

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