Cool Down with Fruity Ice Cubes and Popsicles

May 7, 2012

It may be the beginning of May, but it is HOT here in Georgia!  With it being so hot, I wanted to make some treats to help me cool down.  I got the idea for making fruity ice cubes from the website, Oh! Sweetbabies.
These ice cubes keep your drink cool and then when you're done drinking, the ice cubes are partially unfrozen, giving them a texture like an italian ice.  A treat after a drink!  Yum!

Then, from the blog, Tast.e, I got the idea to mix vanilla yogurt, frozen, sliced peaches and strawberries together and then spoon them into a popsicle mold.  The original popsicles are much fancier, with added sweetener and the fruit is partly pureed, but as I was using organic yogurt, I figured my popsicles were fancy enough!

The popsicles turned out very pretty and they really did not need any extra sweetener-my mom and I found them plenty sweet on their own.  I have made popsicles before, but these are much better than simply pouring in juice-the popsicles seemed almost gourmet with just a few added steps.  I think these ice cubes and popsicles are a treat that any kid or adult would love.  I just bought a big tub of 2% Greek yogurt and I cannot wait to get some other kinds of fruit to see what other lovely, tasty creations I can make.  I also just got some blueberry pomegranite juice-I had a coupon!-to make some ice cubes with.  I'll say it again-yum!  I look forward to showing you more pictures of cooling down treats!
epic fail photos - Weather Marquee FAIL
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