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June 18, 2015

I am nearing the end of the first week of my consumer peer specialist (CPS) training and I am tired.  I have many topics that I want to write about, but I am too exhausted to put a lot of thought into a blog post and yet I still want to share.  And so, I am going to post something that does not require a lot of thought, but still might be helpful.  As we have talked and learned about so many recovery topics this week, many helpful and inspirational phrases penetrated my mind and each time I wrote them down to remember.  Many times I posted them on twitter! I am going to post the sayings that have helped me - let me know which ones you like best.

  1. Bring the good when everybody sees the bad.
  2. Shared vulnerability is powerful.
  3. When people do not think recovery is possible, they need to see role models of possibility.
  4. It is not the diagnosis, but the beliefs about it that determine the outcome.
  5. You got to meet people where they are at.
  6. There is no growth in the comfort zone.  There is no comfort in the growth zone.
  7. Accepting my mental illness put me on the road of recovery.
  8. Feelings aren't facts, just feelings.
  9. Life breaks us all.  Some of us become stronger in our broken places.
  10. The pain of our past is powerful.
  11. Generational poverty is traumatic.
  12. Bullies are bullies because they do not feel empowered.
  13. Listen to learn and support, not to fix.
  14. What you listen for is what you will hear.
  15. Scars and scabs are signs that healing has occurred or is in the process.
  16. What is it you don't think you can do?  Maybe you can.
  17. What are you afraid of?
  18. Why do you think people think you cannot do something?
  19. What is the story that is holding you back?
  20. We have a right to decide what goes on and in our bodies.
  21. I know myself better than any doctor does.

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