Dar Williams Rocks!

June 28, 2010

Last night I went to a Dar Williams and Sara Watkins concert at Variety Playhouse in Little Five Points and had a great time. I went with my two college roommates at Berry College, along with a husband. I didn't know Sara Watkins before going to the concert, although I had heard of her. I am now a fan! She plays violin and sings and has a bluegrassy sound. Dar Williams, if you've never heard of her, is a feminist Christian folk-rocker who writes really deep lyrics. Variety Playhouse is a wonderful venue, because it's fairly small, so the atmosphere is intimate. Williams is a wonderful performer, because she talks about the inception of each song before playing. As a fellow artist, I find that to be invaluable. Both she and Watkins are very witty and well, just plain cute. And so are we! As I was with my friends, I was struck by how well each of us is now doing. We met ten years when we were freshmen at college and we have each gone through some really trying times. These times threatened to break us apart and it was actually Myspace and Facebook that brought us back together. Now I feel like we are a million times stronger, because we know we can go through anything and come back kicking. We still call or email each other when we need to vent, be consoled, or celebrate. Soon there will be another in our midst, as one of them is pregnant with a baby girl, whom I cannot wait to meet! We discovered Dar Williams together in college and Williams often sings about recovery, so it was very fitting that we went to see her. I am going to post some of her songs in a minute. I am very thankful that these people are back in my life and that we are going down the path of recovery together.

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  1. I love this blog, as it is such a perfect description of our lives as friends! I was thinking just today how lucky I am to have friends as loving as you two have been. We have been through a lot, and even though we weren't in touch during a lot of those times, I never felt that either of you loved me any less. Worried about me, yes. Frustrated by me, yes. But there was always love and support from you both. I love you both dearly, and am SO glad that we got to go to the show together. It was, as you said, very fitting.

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