Eating Disorders Awareness Week

January 28, 2009

Eating Disorders Awareness Week Feb. 22-29

February 22 – 29 is Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I wish there were more events to raise awareness and frankly, that more people cared. What can we do? We can talk about eating disorders without making fun of people, because they are “too” skinny or fat. We can teach our youth, and our ourselves, that being healthy is more about having an active lifestyle and enjoying all foods in moderation than in looking like an airbrushed model in a magazine. Most importantly, it means we have to stop envying the anorexic body, but instead honor the sacred in all of us.

Sunday, Feb. 22 – Merrick’s Walk – Noon
- 5K Run/Walk
- Location: Galloway School
- Honors all who have died and all who still struggle with an eating disorder
- For more info: www.

Events at Ridgeview Institute – All Free

Monday, Feb. 23 – F.E.D. Support Group - 6-7:30p
(Friends and Family of People with Eating Disorders)
- Location: Young Adult Unit, Cottage E-East, Room 4
- “F.E.D. group is an open community support group which provides education, support and strategies for coping with eating disorders in the home or within a social support network and offers guidance through difficult decision making.” It is held every Monday, usually until 7p.
- Feb. 23 – “Alumni and their families will join to share their stories of strength and hope, and be available to answer questions.” I’ll be there!

Wednesday, Feb. 25 – A.N.A.D. Support Group – 6-7p
(Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders)
- Location: Professional Building North Auditorium 1-2
- Meets every Wednesday

Thursday, Feb. 26 – Candlelight Vigil – 6-8p
- Candles will be provided
- Includes live music, speakers and a candle lighting ceremony

Saturday, Feb. 28 – E.D.A. Support Group – 10-11a
(Eating Disorders Anonymous)
- Location: Professional Building North Room 6
- Meets every Saturday

2 comments on “Eating Disorders Awareness Week”

  1. do such groups really help? I have always felt that a meeting between ED people can go either good or bad...either supportive...or competitive. what is your experience?

  2. It depends. In 2005, I went to the ANAD group and it was awful-there were a couple of girls who were just really rude. I've heard it's better now though. ANAD doesn't have really any guidelines to their group, so I think that's why, because the EDA group is much better. It's set up more like AA, so it has guidelines, so people behave themselves more. There used to be an awesome free group therapy ED group in Atlanta, but unfortunately the therapist decided she needed more time for herself. It was a very sad day. If there's any around, I'd say go a couple times and if you hate it leave. Like any group, some are great and some are not.

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