Finally, a Profile Picture!

October 29, 2009

This is my 115 post and I finally have a profile picture! lol Isn't he handsome? He's my very lovable cat, Arlo, named after Arlo Guthrie.

See the resemblance?! I'm a huge folkie fan...
In my last post, I talked about being excited about a new job. I have not started the job yet, because I have to take a first aid and CPR course first, but I will in a few weeks. But there is something else that I am excited about-I have posted some of my embroidered bags on etsy! There is a link on both my blogs to my shop, Bright Hope Bags. I tried to get the name, Embroider Me, but that was already taken...
There are four bags total on sale, so far. Here are two that I have not previously posted here:
The copper square on the red bag, states "Wish" and the copper oval on the blue bag states, "Memories."
I am hoping that with the Christmas season approaching that people will be more likely to buy whimsical and unneccessary items... But if not, then I'll try to sell them at alumni weekend at Ridgeview. And if that does not work, then there's always the Spring Festival at Skyland Trail. I figure with all the money that I have spent on treatment centers, I should be able to make a little off of them, right? All kidding aside, even if no one buys one of my bags, they will make great presents and even more importantly, I derive a lot of joy in making them.

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