"Glue Dots" Save the Day!

December 15, 2009

Just in case you ever want to make a candy cane reindeer, I am going to let you know what makes the red pom-pom nose, the two googly eyes, and the gold (or brown) pipe cleaner antlers stick! Regular glue does not work. Modge Podge does not work and neither does rubber cement. I know, because I tried them all! Now I am sure that super glue or a glue gun would work, but the pieces, especially the eyes, are so small that unless you are really careful, you could really hurt yourself. But never fear-use "glue dots!" These are stretchy little dots of putty with a super strong adhesive on both sides and they work like a charm. For the eyes, you can even pull the dot in half, and roll each side into a tiny ball, perfect for sticking on something so small. To be fair, it was my mom that thought of them. I had already tried the traditional forms of glue and was beginning to think that I would have to come up with a different craft project, when my mom suggested trying the glue dots. You can buy them at any office supply or craft store.

Isn't my Rudolph adorable?!

One comment on “"Glue Dots" Save the Day!”

  1. lol! I never even thought about making a candy cane reindeer. But yup, it looks very adorable! Now can I have a candy cane? 😉

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