HAWMC 25 - "Fit Friday" - "Beauty Walk" Pictures Cont. & My Definition of Fitness

April 25, 2014

Today is day 25 of the WEGO Health HAWMC.  They're calling it "Fit Friday:" What do you do to stay fit? Tell us about your efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   I am going to combine this post with day 9 when I talked about my "Beauty Walks."  I am also making it count for day 23, which was the last "Wordless Wednesday" by adding some more pictures from my walks.  Enjoy!

from my cousin's farm in Virginia - when I visit, we go on farm walks daily!
purple wild flowers found on the Atlanta Beltline
a beautiful view, also from the Beltline
Being fit is subjective, of course-I do not go on these walks every day, but have to gauge my tiredness and pain level.  Today was absolutely gorgeous, but I was too tired to go for a walk and that is okay.  What matters is that I walk when I can, knowing that I am getting the wonderful benefits of exercise at that time-at other times, rest is what is needed and that is just as important.  In fact, I once had a doctor say that rest is more important than medication for people with bipolar disorder!  To me, being fit is about being mindful to one's own body and no one can know what exactly is right for my body, except for me!  Don't let anyone tell you that you need to be more or do more than you feel you can and want to do-just be mindful of the beauty around you and tune into that inner peace!

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