HAWMC Day 10 - I Thank Myself and My Godde

April 10, 2014

Today is WEGO Health's HAWMC Day #10!

And the winner is… You! You just won an award and are on stage, holding your trophy. Write an acceptance speech. Who do you want to thank? How did you get to where you are today? Don’t worry, we won’t rush you off stage!
Recently I made my first altered book and I entered it into my first art contest! (An altered book is a hardback book that has been artistically altered in some way.) That was a big deal for me, as it was the first time that I have had enough self confidence to submit a piece of my own art into a contest to be judged.  I called it, "Corey's Book of Truth:"

I filled it with page after page with my own positive affirmations.`

My very first page was an acceptance speech of sorts-it was the page where the author typically thanks all the people that helped her write and publish the book, except that I chose to thank myself and my Godde.  When it comes to recovery, I think it can be so rare for credit to go where it is really due-I remember one time when I was attending a treatment center and at one of their events, they focused all of their gratitude on the staff and it made me angry, because I thought and still think that we, the patients, should have gotten some of the credit for all of our hard work!

So here is my recovery acceptance speech, as I remember it from my altered book:

I thank myself for never giving up,
                     for being vulnerable,
                     for trusting others,
                     for being open.

I thank my Godde for always being with me, 
                           for being my positive source of power
                           that continually urges me to choose the better way.     

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