Highly Sensitive People are "Normal"

April 5, 2021

When Christ died he took that entire rule-dominated way of life down with him and left it in the tomb, leaving you free to "marry" a resurrection life and bear "offspring" of faith for God. (The Message Bible)

A few months ago, I started a Highly Sensitive Warriors support group for people who identify as Highly Sensitive.  The designation, Highly Sensitive Person, is a real thing and it is not a disorder, but a personality type.  In fact, it is estimated that about twenty percent of the general population possesses this trait.  This knowledge has really been helping my anxiety level, actually.  When I was in the back of a car last week-on my way to get my first dose of vaccine-I started to get anxious.  It seemed I could feel every bump and acceleration and vibration the car was making.  Before my inner self could start scolding me for being so anxious, I remembered that people who are highly sensitive really are more naturally sensitive to their surroundings-I was not being "too much," but just who exactly I naturally am!  For a person who is "highly sensitive," this sensitivity is normal.  I closed my eyes and gently told myself again and again, "this is a normal way to feel for a highly sensitive person," until my anxiety and judgment died down and I was calm again.  I was observing and describing my feelings and situation without judgment-a helpful dialectical behavioral therapy skill that has gotten easier and easier as I have embraced my sensitivity.  I used to view my high sensitivity to emotions and stimuli as "too much" or "a problem," but now I just view it as a "normal" way to be on the sensitivity spectrum.  As a result, my defensiveness and anxiety are both lowering more and more.  I hope that my sensitive "aha" moment can help someone else.  Even if you are not "normal," (What is normal?) how will morally judging yourself help?  Observe, describe, validate, and experience freedom-show your inner critic the door!   (By the way, the next group of Highly Sensitive Warriors (HSWs) are this Wednesday at 2p!  Pay as you can.  This group is open to anyone except cis-gender men. Information below)

abstract painting with the words, "Give up defining yourself-normal is a complete fantasy."


"Highly Sensitive" Warriors
March 17th 2-3:15p

The purpose is to counter mental health stigma with education, empowerment, support and skills. Each group will begin with a check-in, a skill or education time, and then peer support. The group is led by Corey Jones, a certified peer specialist who is in recovery herself from borderline personality disorder and who considers herself a highly sensitive person. This group is open to everyone except cisgender men.

Zoom Info

ID: 837 1276 7952 Passcode: 921206

Zoom DBT Peer Support Group
March 24 7-8:15p

We are in the middle of the emotion regulation module.  This is a group open to people who have taken DBT before and for newbies, for people with many diagnosis, or none.  I believe that DBT skills are really just life skills, and are useful for anyone struggling to manage their emotions during Covid, or any other life situation.  I think family members who support people with addiction or mental health challenges would also benefit greatly from learning the skills.  I have been practicing and studying DBT for the last ten years, but I do want to emphasize that I am not a registered DBT therapist, so I ask that people not join if they are in crisis.

Zoom Info

ID:864 6836 2450 Passcode: 236989

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