I Almost Forgot! Link Love and The Indigo Girls

August 4, 2012

I almost forgot to talk about one of the things that inspired me to write my last post-last Saturday I attended an Indigo Girls concert in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

The concert was great! The Indigo Girls played with the Chattanooga Symphony and the symphonic sound was really beautiful with their song choices. Probably my favorite song of the night was "Kid Fears," a song from their first album. I got goosebumps when the audience sang along. Here's the song:It was their first time doing a concert with a symphony orchestra, so there's no symphonic video yet. Believe it or not, but seeing The Indigo Girls was actually a DBT skill! I was building positive experiences, which helps keep one emotionally regulated by keeping them in a positive space. I've talked about this skill before-it's probably my favorite skill. I just love going to Indigo Girl concerts-I know this may sound cheesy, but there's a closeness in the air at their concerts unlike any other. It reminds me of some kind of musical sisterhood.

 Here are my Recommended Links:

 Kate Harding - Books and Bikinis, Plus Size Edition 

 The F Word - Extending Breastfeeding: Perverted or Praiseworthy? 

If we take away the reasoning that it's because she is adding to the celebrity culture of unattainably radiant motherhood ideals, we are left with this: people are enraged at a woman daring to use her body in a non-sexual way. It completely screws up the value system that's been created for us. Pose topless by all means. Have sex on camera, talk about your empowering career as a lapdancer. But this? Nobody gave you permission to do this! Men who happily watch porn are aghast at the idea of breasts being used for something that doesn't benefit them. 

Gaia Rising - Money in Trust and a Failed First Harvest

The presence and power of God is radical fairness – distributive justice-compassion. The only way to achieve that is through the radical abandonment of self-interest. In Paul’s words, “no concession to the lifestyle of this age and its pursuit of self-gratification.” This is the “inner work” that Matthew Fox calls the via negativa. To do this inner work means acknowledging and owning the conditions that lead to fear for survival, greed, war, and the destruction of the Planet. That “inner work” results in a transformation of attitude that then leads to creative ways to act with distributive justice-compassion – to a share world instead of a greed world. 

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