"I Am Beautiful" - My Recovery Artwork

April 4, 2009

I plan to write more today, but in the meantime here is some of my recovery-positive artwork. Happy viewing!

titled, "Escape"
Collage with beads from Haiti, shells and driftwood from Virginia, magazine cutouts, tissue paper, fake gems, other beads, stickers, and fabric

titled, "Imagine"

I found this posterboard already painted by my mom-probably just used to test different painting techniques. I then incorporated magazine cutouts, metallic paper and sheet music.

2 comments on “"I Am Beautiful" - My Recovery Artwork”

  1. I have enjoyed your artwork, I'm not sure why my posting on my new blog isn't working, it could be my background wallpaper thingy...I don't know, I've changed the settings, maybe it will work now?

    Hmm...let me know of any complications...

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