I Don't Need No Stinkin' McDonald's! - My Own Egg McMuffin

October 4, 2009

Yesterday, I bought these new round flatbread sandwich buns by Arnold brand bread-I got them for my wonderful toasted chicken salad sandwiches that I eat all the time, but I tested them out first thing this morning, by creating an egg sandwich that was better by far than any one could order at a restaurant!
It's very simple! Toast the bread for three minutes, slather a mixture of mayonaise and mustard - its good, I promise - onto the bread, fry an egg, and enjoy!

Pierce the yolk first-it's nature's greatest sauce!

Is your mouth watering yet?
I was quite proud of myself too, as this was only the second time that I've ever made eggs by myself that did not end up scrambled! I discovered the secret to frying an egg is...patience. But not much, because eggs are really probably the fastest food to cook and so satisfying to the soul! Egg-tastic!

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