If Only I Owned My Own Mexican Restaurant..

May 25, 2009

I don't tend to like going to Mexican restaurants, which is a shame since they are everywhere in the South. In fact, for years I would refuse to go and it was a very big deal the first time I went to a Mexican restaurant just a few years ago. Now I go fairly often, but unfortunately, I may have to be more careful about going to Mexican restaurants once again, because the heaviness and richness of Mexican food seems to just really upset my entirely too delicate stomach. Which is why.....

I should open my own Mexican restaurant!!!

Okay, not really, but I did make a pretty fabulous burrito the other day with ingredients that did not cause me severe stomach pain! Whoo-hoo! The burrito consists of refried beans mixed with corn, cheese, and mango salsa. The corn gave the beans a great crunchy texture and the mango salsa made the dish pleasantly sweet. It was no trouble to make either, as I am not ashamed to admit that I do not have the patience to make every part of a recipe from scratch and so the refried beans are from a can, as was the Paul Newman brand salsa. (He may have been a great actor, but his salsas and sauces are even better, I promise!)

2 comments on “If Only I Owned My Own Mexican Restaurant..”

  1. looks amazng! I esp like the mango salsa in there! If you owned a Mexican restaurant, I'll be knocking! I'll be your most loyal customer!

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