July 2012 Vacation Day I - Fernandina Beach

July 11, 2012

Yesterday was our first day on my family's (Mom, Dad, and me) dog-cation!
We spent about six and a half hours in the car. The dogs and I were very happy once we arrived at our destination: Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida.  Georgia is the beagle on the left and Sadie is the black lab/chow mix, we think.... (above picture)

Both dogs were initially scared of the water, but both still enjoyed a nice afternoon walk on the beach.

I enjoyed it too, even though my hips were really hurting.  To help me enjoy the walk and not dwell  solely on my pain, I used one of my DBT skills-mindfulness.  I stayed mindful on everything pleasurable I felt and not the pain.  I paid attention to the grainy sand underneath my feet, the taste of salt on my tongue, and the wild wind whipping through my hair.  Concentrating on these pleasures made my pain much more bearable and my experience was still enjoyable.

For dinner, we ate outside with our dogs at a little burger joint, called Tasty's, and it totally lived up to its name!

I got a veggie burger and it was definitely one of the best veggie burgers I have ever had.  I got it, because it came with tzatziki sauce (gyro sauce), which I love.  Whoever thought of putting tzatziki sauce on a veggie burger is a genius, because it really made the sandwich sing.
Look at how red the burger is-my dad thinks the burger have beets in them, but I'm not so sure.  I do think it was lightly fried though, which also added much wonderfulness to the burger.  The patty was crisp and yet moist at the same time.  I heartily recommend this place!

So far, the dogs, the people, and the bellies are having a good dog-cation.  Check me out tomorrow when I talk about today!
funny dog pictures - I could just say the  obvious "You're pulling my leg"  But then you'd probably say "Bite me".
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