My Views on Godde-A Need to Remember

July 10, 2011

Before I get to the meat of this post, I'm going to warn you that I very well might move this blog to WordPress soon. I've heard they handle pictures much better and as you've probably noticed, my last post is having trouble with some very basic pictures. It's very frustrating, because I like to break events up with pictures, instead of spaces, as it adds more interest and is more fun. I'm also the occassional food blogger, so I really need better picture capability for that. BTW, I AM going to do a lot more posts on food soon. I just got back from a vacation to Asheville and I have a lot of good food news to report!
So, I have a new sponsor, who is taking me through the Emotions Anonymous (EA) steps and she had me write out what I believe about Godde and my relationship with Godde. This is what I wrote. I've already written out many of these things in my postings, but I thought it was interesting to see them together in list form.

The Way I View Godde

  • I relate to the female image.
  • I use Goddess imagery. In fact, my image of Godde is the Goddess of Willendorf:

  • We are all Godde's children.
  • Godde is LOVE.
  • Godde is within me and in relationship with me.
  • Godde is mysterious.
  • Godde is with me in everything I do and feel.
  • Godde is change. This view is brought to you by Octavia E. Butler's EarthSeed books and Monica A. Coleman. (Monica, I hope I can say that about you. If not, let me know.)
  • Godde experiences what we experience.
  • Godde is all that we are-Godde is a poor man with AIDS as She is a struggling young woman in recovery as He is a wealthy movie star.
  • Godde is the force continually working on our behalf and is always urging us to follow the better, more constructive way.
  • Godde is Complete Compassion.
  • Godde understands pain, YET...
  • Godde urges us to grow, which although it involves intensely painful moments, Godde does NOT desire us to live in misery.
  • I do NOT believe it is our job to be good enough in order to make it to the Kingdom of Heaven, but instead to help bring about Godde's Kindom to Earth.
  • Godde is Not nice or want us to be nice, but wants us to instead grow, change, and be fully real and authentic to our true Godde-given selves.

I have gotten really depressed lately, because I have forgotten what I believe. The trauma that I have recently experienced caused me to forget, as I drowned in the sorrow of what happened. I need to read this everyday to remind myself that Godde is Real and really does desire my healing, not my misery. I hope this helps you too.

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  1. @Chrissy-You're welcome! Writing what I believe down has helped me a lot as I realized that I truly believe in positive things, which has helped turn around my extremely negative thinking.

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