My Way of Loving Involves Peer Support

February 21, 2016

Properly speaking, a Platonic relationship is one that has transcended the purely sexual, and discovered a way of loving that seeks satisfactions elsewhere. (48, Plato's Podcasts: The Ancients' Guide to Modern Living by Mark Vernon

Being a certified peer specialist is a Platonic way of loving. - Me

Here is my facebook roundup of posts about being a CPS or recovery:

I, personally, need medication, but the way medications are priced and pushed is ridiculous. My medication should not be $400 WITH insurance. There is stigma if you're on medication and if you're not-I think we should just let people make their own decisions about what's best for them. AND medication is not a cure. Mental illnesses are not just a brain disorder to be treated with medication, they are trauma, bad habits, coping mechanisms that need more than just medicine to truly be well. When I would do the presentations to the inpatients at Emory, I was really bothered by how many patients thought all they needed to do was take their medication and they'd be well because they have an illness like any other. It's not true. Meds may help but they don't cure mental illness. A person has to put in real consistent dedicated personal work in order to be and stay well. It sucks but it's the truth. There's no shortcut.

 I don't like the word needy, as I was very needy for a long time. One of the reasons why I attended so many support groups for so long. Once I finally started feeling more validated and secure, I stopped acting so "needy" and I eventually learned how to ask without being annoying.

In response to the article, #SayTheWord, Not "Special Needs"

My disability wouldn't let me work like everybody else but that was the system's fault, not mine. I feel so fortunate to work somewhere that is supportful enough that I am able to work full-time. Even when I am at a grocery store and have to have help with so many things it's not because my height and strength are bad-it's that the system that favors tall height and more muscle power is not set up for equal access.

I see progress every day in my line of work as a CPS. (Certified peer support). The media just doesn't want to report it because it would give people hope and empower them to destroy the old system. Look for the good and destroy it anyway.

 Look for the good. Be the good. Spread the good. Bring down the old system, be part of something better. Question everything, pursue knowledge and love, read as much as you can.

I made these pictures on an app called Whisper.  It's going to change this blog. (It's very addicting!)

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