Nervous and Excited

June 5, 2009

Minutes ago, I emailed my resume and cover letter to a NAMI member about a new job as Executive Assistant to NAMI GA. I really, really, really, really hope I get a response soon. I really hope I get hired. Really!

I like my job at Sears alright, but it does not give me enough time to work on my activism or my blog or my church or my music or my friends and family. The job just does not fully satisfy me as a job in any way, including monetarily.

So people can gain an even better understanding of what I want to accomplish, I have posted parts of my cover letter below. Happy reading!
To a Mental Health Non-Profit in GA Who is Currently Hiring:

As someone who works for commission at a Sears Outlet and so has to approach customers and give speeches daily, I am adept at public speaking and even enjoy it. I am also currently called, “the computer whiz,” at my work by my boss and am the first one called to complete projects that involve using the internet, such as creating an account and business listing for our store on Google business. I enjoy working with others and as a team in order to complete a job and to make my customers happy. [...]

I am someone who wants to make a difference in this world for people who live with mental illness and who experience our society’s stigma of mental illness daily. I know about mental illness and its stigma personally, as I have an anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type), and an eating disorder. Fortunately, I am doing very well and consider myself a successful person in recovery.

I also know about mental illness from an intellectual perspective, as I took many classes about it in college, including abnormal psychology. I spent two years going to college to obtain a degree in music therapy and so I know a lot about mental illness, not only as a consumer, but also as a therapist.

I am also someone who is very drawn to activism. Right now, I am using my computer and English skills-I have an English degree from Georgia State University-to moderate two blogs that I created earlier this year. The first blog, called “Hope is Real!” is about mental illness and feminism. [...] The second blog is called "Femi-Nation" and is currently under construction. I plan to use it to invite feminists to break the stigma by writing about issues that are often not covered in mainstream media, such as mental illness.

I believe my computer and people skills, my experience and knowledge about mental illness, and my strong desire to be a mental illness activist make me an ideal candidate for the position you are looking for!

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  1. with an essay like that, they must be complete fools not to hire you. GOOD LUCK!! I'll bet YOU'LL be such a treasure to them, not just the other way around!

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