New Recovery Poetry

August 10, 2011

My depression has lifted for the most part. Yay! When my depression first presented itself, I started writing poetry, but I felt the poetry was too dark for me to share with my followers. Fortunately, now that I am feeling more hopeful and am transforming my life, so my poetry has been transformed too. Here is some recent recovery poetry I would like to share:

How Far
How far am I willing to go for recovery?
Will I continue to catastrophize;
Will I continue to lie;
Will I continue to spend days
Just wishing to die?
Or will I take control?
Not control over others,
People, places, and over others,
Not even so much control of my
Emotional ascent,
But of what I am to do-
And who I am to be.
Will I listen to my gut?
Will I take care of myself?
Will I listen to the voice inside?
I am worthy.
I am valuable.
I am myself-
With no one else to please.
I am enough.

(from the blog, redbubble. You can actually buy this picture on a tee shirt!)

Life's Song Dance
My soul is free!
Listen to my song-
I'll sing it all life long.
I would whisper,
But my soul wouldn't stand it-
My body trembles with excitement.
My song is in the wind.
My song is in the storm.
My song is in the crashing waves-
My song is life!
Depression will cover it up,
Schizophrenia will silence it also.
Paranoia will turn the beauty into terror.
Get help! Speak! Listen to you own song!
You are a part of life.
Your song is a part of The Song.
Do not diminish it.
Make it louder and stronger.
Join the SongDance of Life!

2 comments on “New Recovery Poetry”

  1. Hey Corey,
    I wish you had felt ok with sharing your "darker" poetry as well. I admire your creativity in all its forms!

    Speaking of depression, I get a newsletter from someone who does some pretty transformational work and thought I would share it here; I know I could certainly relate to most of it...maybe it will give another perspective:

    Would love to know what you think about it! So glad you are feeling better and look forward to seeing you soon!


  2. Thank you! I will eventually, but on another site. The darker poetry is very confessional and I don't want to talk on this site about what I recently went through. I am in the process of starting a more secretive blog where I will talk about it. I'll send you the link, when I get it set up.

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