On a Rainy Day, Make Marshmellows

November 19, 2009

It was another rainy day and I was feeling miserable and bored, so I decided to make marshmellows! The recipe was posted last February for Valentine's Day-I can't believe I did not lose it!-in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. When I first saw the article, I did not even know that one could make marshmellows at home! I wasn't too wild about them, so I threw the recipe away after I made the marshmellows, which I am wishing that I had not, because now I will not be able to give the exact recipe to you. Whoops!
Boil corn syrup and some other stuff.

Three packs of unflavored gelatin and some water looks kinda funny.
Pour boiled cornstarch into bowl with gelatin. Add two cups of sugar and some vanilla flavoring. You can add other types of flavoring and food coloring if you want. I wish that we had had other types of flavoring, myself, as I would like to try mint marshmellows!I thought the pictures of me using egg beaters turned out pretty cool.

Grease a sheet of saran wrap and place it in a 9x9 baking dish. Then pour in the mixture and let it set for at least three hours, although the texture is best if you leave it overnight. Cover with powdered sugar.
I was not wowed, although I did like the texture much better in the morning. It tasted great in a cup of cocoa, but I will probably not make it again. Still, it definitely improved my mood that day. You know what they say, when life hands you lemons, make marshmellows?

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