Patience is a Virtue!

June 19, 2011

Please, my followers: Be patient! Eventually, I will post often again and hopefully it will be soon, but I cannot make any promises. I have gone through a really rough time and I have experienced some trauma. This has really affected me and I need to take a break in order to take care of myself. Monday I start intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) at Ridgeview. Fortunately, I am able to continue working and the treatment should not affect my job, as it is after hours. This is a blessing! Also, my insurance is covering it 100%. Another blessing! I need a space where I can be brutally honest about what I have experienced and although I am very honest on this site, for various reasons, this will not be the appropriate place to talk about my recent experiences until at least a few years have passed. I am very sad/resentful about this and wish society was different, but it isn't. Sometimes in this world, we have to put our advocating passions and ideals aside and concentrate on ourselves, which can include protecting our own privacy.

I have many ideas for postings and my site will probably undergo a lot of change in the future. Stay posted, keep following, and remember Hope IS Real-Change is inevitable! Good always wins, even in the midst of the worst horrors.

BTW, these clips are from my childhood. Enjoy! (Of course, it's missing my favorite one-the one where the singers switch heads! If anyone finds it on youtube, let me know!)

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