Process Art and Cinnamon Doughnuts

May 5, 2010

Doesn't that sandwich look divine? Last Saturday I attended a process art workshop with my church and I had a great time. We took a break for lunch at Duck's Cosmic Kitchen. I had never eaten there before, but man, oh man, the food was great! Here's what I had for lunch: "Our own Cured Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, arugula, tomato, red onion, capers on a baguette" with a side of potato salad. Then for dessert, I had a mini cinnamon doughnut, which just melted in my mouth.
I do not think life is worth living, if you are not willing to eat a doughnut every once in a while! Doughnuts were on my "no" list of foods for years, which is a sad thing, for it strikes me that doughnuts are a joyous food. The combination of hot sugar, cinnamon, butter, and bread dissolving on the tongue automatically makes one smile and glow with delight. Life is good when eating a doughnut.
Here is my piece of process art and I have titled it, "My Insides On the Outside." Process art is art where you are not concerned about the end result, but about getting out the subconscious and is a form of therapy. I used to see an art therapist when I went to SkyLand Trail and I found it very helpful and enjoyable. When I left SkyLand Trail, I still continued to do process art on my own. In process art, you basically put down the colors and images that come to your mind without question and then you analyze them afterwards. Sometimes the images come together and form a recognizable picture and sometimes they are seemingly completely random. I loved painting such a big painting-with such a big space, the opportunities seemed endless! It had been a long time since I had had quiet time with paper and paintbrush and my soul heartily welcomed it.

After the painting session, we sat in a circle and discussed what we saw in the artwork. One person said it looked like life was coming out of my heart and I really liked that comment. I have decided that it is a self portrait and it shows my insides-blood and veins-on the same surface as outside features, such as an eye, mouth and tears and it is because I am open. I am open to this new world of recovery and opportunities. I am open to the Sacred and joy and perhaps most importantly, cinnamon doughnuts.

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