Psalm 11 and Feeling Better

July 18, 2009

I will trust in You, Godde,
Even if others say I am foolish;
I will still trust in You.
Others try to destroy You and Your people,
But Your shield can block the swiftest bullet.

Godde is holy.
She deserves praise.
The Holy One may test the righteous,
But the righteous have no need to fear.

For Godde is righteous;
She loves righteousness
And smiles upon her righteous people.
For the most part, it was a horrible week. A board of wood flew off the back of a truck and cracked my windshield and later that same day I had an accident with another car! And I am still unhappy with my work situation.
But I did have a wonderful meeting with my nutritionist. I told her about how my work stress is affecting my health and she reminded me of something really important-that my mental health is more important than a job. Imagine that! I am trying to keep that in mind, as I look for something better and in the meantime, keep on checking out my other blog, Femi-Nation, and keep on sending me positive energy.

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