Psalm 18 and Dealing with Disappointment

September 8, 2009

They were too strong for me,
But my Godde is my stronghold
And nothing is too strong for my Godde.

He is as gentle as lamb’s wool
And his lovingkindness has fed my heart;
Even his gentleness makes me strong.

Godde heard my cry and conquered chaos.
She drew me out of many waters
And lifted me from the well of sadness.
She has uncovered the world’s foundations
For my own name’s sake.

Surely there is no one greater than my Godde.
He is gentle, She is mighty-
They are one and make me one.

For who is my Godde except the Holy One?
The Rock of my Salvation shall live forever!

To compare it to the original, go to Bible Gateway.
Who is the "They" in the psalm? Depression, pain, tiredness, and self-doubt Well, that's my "They" anyway. I had a great time Friday and Saturday at DragonCon, which is a huge sci-fi convention that I attend every year, but I could not go Sunday and today, because I was too sickly.

At first, I was really disappointed when I realized that my annual vacation was going to be cut short, because there were still friends that I had not been able to see yet and there were still panels and shows and demos... But you know, that's life! Things will rarely run as smoothly and as perfectly as we want them to, but you know what? Those were probably the best two days I've ever had at DragonCon, because I was not depressed once while I was there! With fibromyalgia, my body will work fine one day, but then seem to quit working the next, with the result that I am genuinely trying to enjoy life as much as possible when my body's working. Perhaps one day I can say that I enjoy life every day no matter the pain, but right now, I'm just glad that I can enjoy life more than I used to and that even the horrible times are becoming slightly easier to bear.

What are the negative things in your life that seem too strong? How do you handle them?

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