Psalm 20 - A Lullaby about Letting Go

September 26, 2009

My Child,
May the Lord deliver and defend you.
May She enfold you in Her kindness.
May you fulfill your promise
Your heart’s desire be fulfilled by Godde.

For you are not only mine, little one,
But a child of Godde.
To compare it to the original, go here

I started putting this psalm to music about a year ago and like most of my projects, it is still not finished... The song is a lullaby that besides voice, also uses flute and violin. I never finished it, because I got so distracted with my illness and with other stressful events/trauma in Milledgeville. I am having trouble not being bitter and resentful over the things that happened there. Everything happens for a reason and yet our purpose is not to question why bad things happen, but to move on when they do. It is difficult, but day by day, I am learning to let go of old expectations and just be.
Speaking of taking things, "day by day," here is the song, "Day by Day," from the 1972 movie version of Godspell. If you are younger or sillier, you may remember these lyrics from a certain prayer in the movie "Meet the Parents," which was pretty funny. I tried to find the clip, but no such luck...

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