Psalm 27

November 21, 2009

Psalm 27

The Holy One is my flashlight
And it shows me my salvation.
If I follow it, then why fear?
The Holy One is my foundation
And my life is built upon it.
If I live there, then why fear?
Some people are like the flesh-eating bacteria-
Only they want to feed upon my soul.
Even in the midst of war,
When I am surrounded by the soul-terrorists,
I will stand firm and shine bright.

I do ask to stay inside my house made of love.
Let me stay there all of my life.
I only want to surround myself in beauty
Instead of hate.
I want to stay in safety
Instead of fear.

I know my house is really your house.
I know I am protected by your love.
Therefore I will drown out the shrieks of sorrow
With my songs of joy.

Like the game “Marco Polo”
When I call out your name
Please respond.
I listen with my heart
And I want to see your face.
I search everywhere-
Shine your light upon it!
Do not reject me like my imperfect parents,
But stay and support me forever.
Unlike my other teachers
Teach me to follow Your truth.
For the soul-terrorists breathe out death,
But you fill me with life!

This knowledge strengthens my conviction
To wait patiently for your victorious day.
To compare it to the original, go here.

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