Psalm 29

December 6, 2009

You that are mighty in this world,
Realize that the Almighty is far mightier
Than anything You can imagine.
Recognize that Godde alone
Is the truely Glorious One.

Do you hear the crashing thunder
Or see the lightning flash?
That is really Godde speaking to our heart
And Godde's splendor being made manifest.
Do not be fooled!
The Holy One's voice is electrifying!
Giant trees are felled with one word;
Mighty mountains are like mere
Stepping stones to Godde.

So do not worry!
Let Yahweh shake your desert heart
And move you to seek Godde's justice-love.
Give up your false images of control
And stand in awe of Godde's
Thunderous love.

Let Love storm your own heart.
Let it strengthen you,
So that you may be strong
Enough to bring peace.
To read an excellent article about the original psalm, click on the picture. To compare it to the original, click here.***********
Scholars think that the 29th Psalm is the oldest psalm and it is basically saying to the Canaanites' storm and fertility god, Ba'al, "Our God is stronger than your God." Our God is also stronger than mental illness, disorders, and addiction of any kind. We have to trust in the Holy One, which I know firsthand can be really hard to do. It has been hard for me to give up control with both my eating disorder and with finding a job, but I find that the more I focus on God and on living, the less I need to obsess about food and I find that if I just trust in the process or journey of life, then I will find that the things I need will come to fruition. For instance, my job was finally made official this week-it took a long time and it was really hard to trust in God at times, but God has provided. It can be really easy for me to say, "Well, only sort of, it is not full-time and I won't get benefits," but I have to trust that this is where I am supposed to be and that life will get even better.

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