Psalm 30 - Songs of Lovingkindness

January 2, 2010

I praise You, Godde
For You let the pail drop into the deep,
Murky well of my sadness
And then You hauled me up into safety.
You did not let me drown
Or let the mice of despair
Gnaw at my bones.
You let me live instead!

All of you who have promised
To keep The Holy Comforter’s
Lovingkindness alive, sing out praises!-
Just as there is always a new dawn,
So there will always be justice, joy,
And mercy in the morning.
The value of your promises makes me rich
And I stand strong in the surety of your love.

When I was due for death and needed healing
I reminded You that if I should die,
I could no longer sing aloud your praises-
No one would hear my song of lovingkindness
And I knew I had more to sing!
But I should have known that You
Do not need to be reminded of anything,
For before I could start weeping
You had lowered your bucket.

I no longer mourn, but dance!
I twirl and sway and sing
Full of gladness.
I will never be silent,
But will sing aloud my thanksgiving
Until I can no longer sing.


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